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Design of “I'm Open” Direct Mail Piece
Design of “I'm Open” Direct Mail Piece

The content and design of an effective direct mail flyer requires specific direct­ response techniques designed to stimulate immediate response. This is a specialized area of advertising that most professionals wisely turn to a marketing expert for.

Your new practice needs to immediately attract as many new patients as possible. You cannot afford to waste time or money on an ineffective direct-­mail flyer campaign. The Practice Starters® Program has designed effective direct­ mail flyers for thousands of other DCs, and can do the same for you ... and, at a fraction of what you would have to pay most advertising/marketing firms who do not have the specialized chiropractic marketing experience that your Practice Starters® Program has.
: $300.00

A Practice Starters® Program Specialist will design your direct mail flyer using the direct response techniques that have proven successful in producing the greatest number of new patients in the shortest period of time.