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HMO­, PPO and IPA Membership Recommendations
HMO­, PPO and IPA Membership Recommendations

You know who the major healthcare insurance providers are in your community.  You have recorded the reimbursement information for each one on a Practice Starters® Program HMO, PPO and IPA Questionnaire. Choosing which ones to join is a major decision that will significantly impact your practice success ... you don’t want to keep patients away because you don’t accept their insurance, and you can’t provide service for an amount that will financially cripple your practice.

Your decision to join an HMO/PPO or IPA must be carefully calculated. If you are in doubt, have a Practice Starters® Program Specialist review your information and give you an expert opinion on which ones you should join and which ones you should run away from.
: $400.00

A Practice Starters® Program Specialist will answer your questions and concerns regarding the HMO, ­PPO and IPAs you are considering joining.