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Newspaper Ad Size & Frequency Analysis
Newspaper Ad Size & Frequency Analysis

Although the mainstream media would like you to believe that “no one” is reading the local newspaper anymore – this just isn’t true. If it were true, there wouldn’t be any newspapers – newspapers depend on their circulation numbers to survive. Indeed, newspaper readership is down from twenty-­five years ago but approximately 50% of the people in your chosen town read the local newspaper.

Advertising in the local newspaper remains the chiropractor’s advertising media of choice. Upon analyzing and determining its cost­-effectiveness, a DC can reach more people, more economically by placing the right ads at the right frequency in his/her local newspapers.

Caution: Newspaper advertising mistakes can financially cripple a new practice. It’s not a matter of spending the least amount of money it is a matter of having a high return on your investment (number of patients produced by each ad).

If the cost of your ads will be too expensive, thereby not giving you a good return on your investment (ROI), don’t advertise in that newspaper. The size of ad you should run, the type of ad you should run and the frequency of the ads all have a bearing on whether or not an ad will be cost effective. Don’t guess – use this optional expert service to avoid making costly newspaper advertising mistakes.
: $200.00

In most cases, newspaper advertising is the most economical way to reach the greatest number of people. This expert analysis conducted by a Practice Starters® Program Specialist will reveal if newspaper advertising is a cost­-effective choice for you.