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Hot Area of Town Analysis
  ($200 per town)

Hot Area of Town Analysis<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;($200 per town)

By choosing this Hot Area of Town Expert Analysis you take a big step towards avoiding the single most devastating mistake made by new doctors, and that is choosing the wrong location.  Just as in real estate, the most important consideration in opening a new practice is location, location, location.  However, a great location for one type of practice does not necessarily make a great location for another type.  And, that is why you want to get expert help and advice before choosing the area of town in which to open your practice.

The cost for this optional expert service is $200 per town. 
: $200.00

A Practice Starters® Program specialist will help you determine the “hot” areas of your town.  This is your fastest way to finding a hot office site, opening your practice and generating income.