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Bank Loan Proposal
  (If not purchased in a prior phase.)

Bank Loan Proposal<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;(If not purchased in a prior phase.)

The most crucial step in opening a new practice can also be the most difficult.  And that is, getting your bank loan – the money you need to open your practice and sustain it until it reaches net profit.

The most influential element of the bank loan process is the bank proposal. It is imperative that a bank loan proposal be accurate and professional. Following the expert guidance of a Practice Starters® Program Specialist, the Practice Starters® Program bank proposal is that, and more. With the advice and recommendations from several bank loan officers, Dr. Peter Fernandez designed a bank proposal that gives lenders what they want and in a format that most prefer ... this is the Practice Starters® Program bank proposal.  Though no one can guarantee that a bank loan request will be approved, The Practice Starters® Program bank proposal produced with the help of a Practice Starters® Program Specialist, has helped thousands of doctors get the money needed for their new practices.

Using the information you provide your Practice Starters® Program Specialist by completing and submitting the various questionnaires you will be receiving, your completed Bank Loan Proposal will include the following:

- An impressive Curriculum Vitae (CV).
- An impressive and accurate Personal Financial Statement.
- An accurate Monthly Operating Expense Projection.
- An accurate Three-­Year Profit and Loss Projection.
- An accurate statement of equipment, furnishings and office supplies to be purchased.
- Recommendation letters that lend viable strength to your potential as a successful business owner.

As your office site must be confirmed before your Bank Loan Proposal can be finalized, your Bank Loan Proposal Package of services will commence in Phase 1 and be completed in Phase 6.

: $100.00/month*

Initial price of $150, then $100/month for 11 months.
: $150.00

Commencing in Phase 1 with completion in Phase 6, a Practice Starters® Program Specialist expertly prepares and/or reviews each element of your Bank Loan Proposal Package.