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Independent Contractor Advice
  ($150 per 15 minutes or part thereof)

Independent Contractor Advice<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;($150 per 15 minutes or part thereof)

Given the right situation and arrangement, the independent contractor way to practice could be your best choice.  But, the Independent Contractor process is very complicated, and is riddled with legal and tax issues that need to be identified and appropriately addressed.  

Choosing to practice as an Independent Contractor could be very beneficial to you, with two of the greatest benefits being a lower overhead, and the immediate boost your image receives by working in the same office as an already successful and respected doctor.  But, agreeing to be an independent contractor for a doctor who is not liked in the community, or a doctor who will not allow you to practice the way you want, will hinder and very possibly kill your chances of building a successful practice.

Most doctors do not have the independent contractor knowledge or experience needed to assure they make the best choice when considering an independent contractor opportunity.  On the same hand, most of the doctors who offer these opportunities are not sure if they are presenting a fair and equitable arrangement for all involved.  By getting the expert advice and guidance that is available to you through our Independent Contractor Analysis optional expert service, you quite possibly could turn a “fair” opportunity into a “good” opportunity simply by gaining the knowledge to be able to confidently discuss independent contractor arrangements with the doctor who is offering the opportunity.  

The cost for this optional expert service is $150 per 15 minutes or part thereof.
: $150.00

A Practice Starters® Program Specialist will analyze and expertly advise you on the Independent Contractor Opportunities you receive.