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Preliminary Analysis of Practice to Purchase
  ($150 per 15 minutes or part thereof)

Preliminary Analysis of Practice to Purchase<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;($150 per 15 minutes or part thereof)

Purchasing the right practice at the right price can be a tremendous benefit to you, with the greatest one being the considerable income you will generate beginning your very first day in practice.  But, purchasing the wrong practice or paying too much for an otherwise good practice, can emotionally and financially rob you of ever having a satisfying and rewarding practice.  Just like a used car, a practice for sale may have some surprises under the hood, and unless you’re trained in what to look for you could end up buying a lemon.  If it makes sense to have a used car examined by a trained mechanic before closing the deal, it makes mega-sense to have a practice evaluated by a trained Practice Starters® Program Specialist before finalizing the sale.  The results of this “preliminary” analysis gives your Practice Starters® Program Specialist the information needed to advise you on whether or not you should spend the time and energy to investigate this practice purchase opportunity further.

IMPORTANT:  The Practice Purchase “Final” Analysis pay-per-service option relies partially on the information that you gather and submit for this Practice Purchase “Preliminary” Analysis.  The financial stability and/or goodwill value of a practice can change dramatically in just a couple of months, and it is for this reason that The Practice Starters® Program cannot provide a Practice Purchase “Final” Analysis on a practice that has a “Preliminary” Analysis more than 60 days old.  Therefore, if the results of the Practice Purchase Preliminary Analysis indicates that this could be good practice for you to buy, DO NOT wait more than 60 days from the Preliminary Analysis to have a Practice Purchase Final Analysis conducted.  Otherwise, you will have to “Update” your Practice Purchase Preliminary Analysis questionnaire and purchase an Updated Preliminary Analysis.

The cost for this optional expert service is $150 per 15 minutes or part thereof.
: $150.00

In response to the “What’s Available Letter” campaign, a Practice Starters® Program Specialist will conduct an expert analysis and then advise you on whether or not the practice is potentially a good purchase opportunity for you.