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Final Analysis of Practice to Purchase
  $600 (maximum of 1 hour)

Final Analysis of Practice to Purchase<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;$600 (maximum of 1 hour)

Purchasing the right practice at the right price is the best way to start out in practice.  But, purchasing the wrong practice or paying too much for an otherwise good practice, can be disastrous.  Your Practice Starters® Program Specialist will use the answers you submit on the Practice Purchase Final Analysis Questionnaire to conduct a Final Analysis of the practice purchase opportunity.  The results of the Final Analysis will determine if this particular practice is one that you should seriously consider purchasing.

The Problem:  You do not want to buy the wrong practice, and you do not want to miss out on a great practice purchase opportunity.

The Solution:  Have a Practice Starters® Program Specialist conduct an expert final analysis of the practice being offered for sale.

IMPORTANT:  A Practice Purchase Preliminary Analysis must be conducted by a Practice Starters® Program Specialist within 60 days prior to having a Practice Purchase Final Analysis done on the practice purchase opportunity.

The cost for this optional expert service is $600 for a maximum service time of 1 hour.
: $600.00

In response to the “What's Available Letter” campaign, a Practice Starters® Program specialist will conduct an expert analysis and then advise you on whether or not the practice is a good purchase opportunity for you.