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Design Of Floor Plan
  ($250 per site)

Design Of Floor Plan<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;($250 per site)<br /><br />

Doctors have saved thousands of dollars and earned many times over that simply by choosing to use a floor plan expertly designed by a Practice Starters Program Specialist.

Our Practice Starters® floor plans are designed to provide a patient/doctor flow that allows the doctor to care for more patients, with less stress and with the least amount of

More patients = More Income
Less staff = Less Expense
More Income + Less Expense = A Highly-­Successful Practice

Most importantly, your patients will appreciate the consideration to their time and comfort that your Practice Starters designed floor plan provides.

Save thousands in unnecessary or non­income generating build out expenses, maximize the number of patients you can care for, minimize practice stress and overhead expense ....have a Practice Starters® Program specialist expertly design your office floor plan for you.

The cost for this optional expert service is $250 per site.
: $250.00

A Practice Starters® Program Specialist will design your office floor plan to maximize the number of patients you can care for in a day, while minimizing the amount of energy and expense needed to do so.