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Office Lease Negotiation Advice
  ($150 per 15 minutes or part thereof)

Office Lease Negotiation Advice<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;($150 per 15 minutes or part thereof)<br /><br />

Doctors who choose not to negotiate or negotiate poorly on their office space, almost always end up paying more for their space and with lease agreements that are almost entirely in favor of the landlord. A “good” lease agreement will serve both the landlord and the tenant doctor equally. However, during a slower economy, a doctor using some smart negotiating should be able to get more from the landlord and end up with a “great” lease agreement ... one with the most favorable terms for the doctor, and with the lowest possible monthly payments.

Your Practice Starters® Program Specialist will guide you in negotiating for a “great” lease on your office space.  Like many Practice Starters® Program doctors before you, this service could save you tens of thousands of dollars over the term of your lease.

The cost for this optional expert service is $150 per 15 minutes or part thereof.
: $150.00

A Practice Starters® Program Specialist will expertly guide you in negotiating the best possible terms and lowest possible rent for your office space.