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Stair-­Step Lease Proposal

Stair-­Step Lease Proposal<br /><br />

At this point in the Practice Starters® Program, you should have successfully negotiated the lease on your office site. Unless your Practice Starters® Program Specialist has advised you in writing NOT to propose a stair­-step lease, then you absolutely should.

A stair­step lease proposal is designed to save you money at the beginning of the lease, with monthly payments increasing at specific intervals over the term of the lease. This start lower, end higher type of lease payment arrangement allows you to hold on to more of your start-up funds in case you need them for unexpected business expenses before your practice has grown profitable enough to handle them.

In order to motivate the landlord/leasing agent to approve your stair-­step lease proposal, it must also be advantageous for him/her. A stair­-step lease proposal prepared by a Practice Starters® Program Specialist is designed to benefit both you and your landlord/leasing agent .... you will spend less in the beginning of the lease and the landlord will be happy to receive a little more than he/she was asking for over the term of the lease.
: $175.00

A Practice Starters® Program Specialist will expertly produce a stair­step lease proposal designed to benefit both you and your tentative landlord.