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3­Year P&L Projection Update/Revisions
  ($150 per 15 minutes or part thereof.)

3­Year P&L Projection Update/Revisions<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;($150 per 15 minutes or part thereof.)

A complete and accurate 3­Year P&L (Income and Expense) Projection is a crucial element in your Bank Proposal. Not having one, or having one that is incomplete, inaccurate, or just plain confusing to the loan officer, could result in your loan being denied or approved for a significantly less amount. Choosing to have a Practice Starters® Program Specialist update your 3­Year P&L for you, will help assure your Bank Loan Proposal is the best that it can be.

The cost for this optional expert service is $150 per 15 minutes or part thereof.
: $150.00

A Practice Starters® Program Specialist will expertly revise your 3­Year P&L Projection in accordance with any new or updated information you provide.